Year Two

In Year 2 we love to learn and have fun and are always expected to do our best. 

We enjoy a creative curriculum that balances hands on practical learning with more focused written work.  Our teacher is Mrs Rimmington.  We are also very lucky to have Mrs Jay as our Teaching Assistant.   All of our teachers have high expectations for our behaviour and expect us to follow the rules we wrote ourselves in September when we joined the class.

In Year 2 we work in English and Maths groups in the mornings and in the afternoon we work in mixed teams.  This helps us to learn skills like co-operation and tolerance as we share, take turns, listen to and work with others. 

We also love working with our ‘Talk Partners’.  We get a different talk partner each term.  Our teachers try to put us with a partner who isn’t in our class group or circle of friends.  It’s great as throughout the year we make 3 new special friends, one each term!

Also, in Year 2 we take responsibility for organisation in our classroom.  We have monitors for tidying the tables, getting the milk, turning the computers and lights off, taking care of the book boxes and making sure our pencils are always sharp!  We get to volunteer for different jobs each term.

Whenever possible we try to get outdoors too.

The pictures above show us busy in class.

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