Our Breakfast Club @ Water Street Primary School

Runs on school days from 7.45am to 8.55am. It is based in the school hall and children enter through the main entrance - anytime from 7.45am onwards.

The cost of Breakfast Cub is £4 per session, we do accept child care vouchers.

Breakfast Club operates before school, offering breakfast on arrival.
We provide cereals, toast, fruit and other healthy options. We do have bacon sandwiches once a term - but don't tell anyone!

There will be some activities for the children to enjoy once they have finished their breakfast. Activities include: board games, craft, reading. Or they can use their spare time to complete their homework!

Our breakfast club is run by Mrs Metcalfe & Mrs Busfield.

Please speak to the school office - 01756 793026 to book a place or email admin@waterstreetschool.org.uk