At Water-Street we aim for all of our pupils to develop a love of physical activity that will last them a life time. We also aim to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge of a healthy life-style enabling pupils to make connections between physical health and a healthy mind with the vision that children will continue to adopt a healthy lifestyle into their adult life.

Our PE curriculum is a well-planned progressive spiral curriculum, that ensures skills are developed through a range of topics: dance, games (invasion, net, wall, striking and fielding), gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activity, swimming and athletics. The PE scheme of work progressively builds on key knowledge, skills and techniques We aim to introduce pupils to a wide-range of physical activities throughout their time at Water Street so they can develop and challenge their knowledge, skill and understanding. 

All children receive two hours of physical education a week. We also plan for 30 minutes each day of Active Learning that is carried out within other curriculum areas. PE lessons are fully inclusive.

PE lessons are delivered either by the class teacher or a specialist coach. Class teachers are provided with the relevant CPD to ensure they are confident in delivering all aspects of the PE curriculum.

 EYFS and Key Stage 1 focus on the development of fundamental movements through multi-skill lessons, Pupils are set individual and group tasks in order to develop additional skills such as team work, communication and leadership.

Key Stage 2 focus on revisiting and building on the knowledge, skills and techniques acquired in key stage 1 and applying them across a large variety of sports. Children work independently and within teams in both competitive and non-competitive situations. We plan for and hold intra-school competitions both within classes and between our school houses. Pupils are helped to set themselves personal challenges. Within lessons pupils are provided with opportunities to think, create and solve problems. This enables children to develop and experience different roles within a team and recognise the importance of each role. Whilst developing their physical ability children are progressively introduced to theoretical information such as key muscles, bones and the physical effects of exercise on the human body.

Water Street School is a member of the Skipton School’s Sports Partnership. We work closely alongside our School Games Organiser to provide opportunities for all of our pupils to take part in a wide range of Inter-school festivals and competitions. These start at a local level but pupils have the opportunity to go on and represent the whole of Skipton or Craven in future rounds. We aim to be fully inclusive so give all pupils the chance to represent the school at inter-school level whilst in Key Stage 2. We have close links with many local clubs and our gifted and talented pupils are directed towards these.

We offer a range of after-school sports clubs. These are carefully planned and timetabled for so both KS1 and KS2 pupils have the opportunity to attend if they wish. We aim to cover a range of sports so that there is something for everyone.

Our playtimes and lunchtimes are led by Year 5 pupils who have been trained to become sports leaders. These times in the school day are organised in a way that encourages pupils to be active. A range of physical activities, providing pupils with a range of equipment and organised games are put on daily.

Water Street receives special sports funding from the Department for Education for PE lessons and activities.  Please click on Sports Premium Grant to see how we spend our PE allocation.

This enables us to ensure that the highest quality provision is provided for all of our pupils. We carefully monitor pupils activity levels and add interventions where required. We have received the ‘Gold level’ Sports Mark for 5 consecutive years recognising the high quality PE, Games and Sport that we deliver to all of our pupils