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Children are admitted to Reception in accordance with the policy of North Yorkshire County Council. Visits to the school are welcome. Please contact the school office.


All Reception aged children will join the school from September.

As a community school, North Yorkshire's Education Department deals with applications for Reception admissions. Providing that you live within North Yorkshire, have registered with a local doctor, you should automatically receive information about the admission process. NYCC prefer on-line applications and the school office can help with this if necessary.

Telephone 01609 533679 or go to 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to show prospective parents and children around school, please see our virtual tour on the front page of the website or ring the school office for further details.


Once we know your child has been offered a place a Water Street, you will receive a letter inviting parents to an introductory evening. This is arranged during the term before your child starts nursery/reception so we can welcome parents and children to our school and explain our induction programme.

Our induction programme consists of an information meeting to which we invite new parents and visits for new children to meet their teacher, see their new classroom and experience some of the activities they will enjoy when they join our school. An induction pack is given to parents at this meeting.

In Year Admissions

Year 1 to 6

For families moving into the area, or for children changing schools during the year, in-year admissions to the school are dealt with by North Yorkshire  County Council at or telephone the In-Year admissions team on 01609 533679

Parents wishing to view the school are warmly welcomed. Please telephone the school office on 01756 793026.