Welcome to Year Three, where we enjoy learning and having fun. We are the first class in Key Stage Two and are all trying hard to become more independent and more responsible for ourselves and our classroom. All the class rules we wrote in September are about sharing and caring, for ourselves and each other.

In our classroom we have Mrs Rimmington, our teacher, and Mrs Harraway our Teaching Assistant.. They both help us learn and make us laugh a lot! In the classroom we work in different groups for Literacy and Numeracy. In the afternoons we work in mixed groups that change each term. This means we learn to work co-operatively with lots of different children.

Our classroom is always bright and cheerful with displays of our work all around. We all have monitors jobs and help the class run smoothly by collecting books and looking after our equipment. We even have monitors to check we have switched off any lights or computers we are not using!