School Council Members

Hi, and a warm welcome to the School Council page, written by the 2021 - 2022 School Council!  We shake you warmly by the hand!  We are going to tell you about what we do, who we are and why we have a School Council.  Our mission is:

"To be the voice of the pupils of Water Street School"

We want our school to be a safe and happy place to be.

Being part of the School Council is a very important role as we have been elected to represent the pupils in driving through some of the changes that they want to see in school. We are the voice of the pupils at Water Street and work hard to make sure we are heard. We also take a lead role in being responsible for fundraising, raffles, fairs, etc.

We are committed to looking for ways to improve the school for all pupils. We are constantly looking to make school a better place as we think this will encourage the pupils to really achieve and enjoy their time at Water Street School. We manage this by having regular meetings with the representatives from each class, speaking in assemblies to let the school know what we are doing; we have also presented to the school governing body so we know what the pupils want to see changed.

We have a suggestion box where pupils can put their ideas, we are available to be spoken to and we send out questionnaires. We promise to listen to each and every idea put to us.

Last year's School Council were responsible for bringing about many changes. We ran a great coffee morning for parents to raise money for Sport Relief! They got staff to run the afternoon and lunch time clubs pupils wanted. They helped improve the toilets and cloakroom spaces. They also raised lots of money for charity. They even received a certificate from the "Speakers School Council Awards" for all their hard work and achievements.

We want to make sure that this year we do just as well, if not better!