Water Street Primary School has a thriving Parent Association, called The Friends of Water Street School (FoWS),  membership of which is open to all parents, teachers and friends of the school.  The objectives of the Friends of Water Street are both social and financial.  Over the years the committee has organised a number of highly enjoyable social and fund-raising events, which have enabled the school to purchase items such as new computers, books, interactive class whiteboards, staging and musical instruments.  These items have greatly enhanced the children's learning.

The Friends of Water Street School is a Registered Charity. The Annual General Meeting is held in the Autumn term to report on the previous year's activities and to elect a new committee.

Why do we need a Friends Association?

At Water Street School there is no doubt about the excellence of the teaching, the dedication of the staff, the high standards of learning and the good behaviour of the children from the school.
The School does a brilliant job with the resources available, but sadly they are not endless, no matter that it may seem that way sometimes.
This is where the  Friends of Water Street  comes in! 

What is the School Association?

It is an association of the Parents, Teachers and Friends of Water Street School. As a parent or guardian of a child at Water Street School you are a member of the Association. You don’t have to join, and you cannot leave! Everyone is welcome to join the Committee or be an Associate member.

What does the School Association do?

The Association has many aims:
Fostering good relations between parents and the school and its teaching staff
A focal point for meeting other parents
Having fun
To raise funds the Association organises events throughout the year for children and parents. The children’s discos, Spring Fair, Summer Social, 50/50 Club, Christmas Raffle to name but a few.

Where do the funds go?

At the end of the day, all the funds raised by the Association are used in the school to benefit the children. In the last few years the Association has raised over £5,000 a year. This annual achievement has enabled the school to purchase a whole range of extras that make the children’s learning a much richer experience. These include:
Books for the library
Maths equipment
Theatre visit to school
Sound system for the main hall
Class interactive whiteboards

How does the Association work?

You can join as committee Member, come to meetings and get involved. If you cannot make the meetings, be an Associate member, receive the minutes and get involved where you can.
Finally, even if you do not wish to help with the organising, you can still help by supporting all the events and activities.

You can contact Friends of Water Street School through the school office - 01756 793026 or email directly: