Sports Premium Funding

The Government have recently announced that from September 2013 schools will receive an additional £8,000 [plus £5 per pupil between the ages of 5-11 years old] to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

Water Street School received a total of £9110 for 2015/16.

Having researched how best to spend this money to ensure it has a long-lasting impact, we have decided to invest several thousand pounds in the professional development of teachers at our school so they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come.

Alongside this we will be inviting athletes, dance troops and gymnasts into the school to inspire our children. Please see the attachment below to view our report showing how our 'sports premium money' has been spent and the difference this has made to our school.

Please click here to read our report on how we have spent our Sports Premium Grant.

The Department for Education website which gives you further information on School Sports Funding

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