'Out & About' After School Club

After School Care is provided @ Water Street by Out & About Care. This is based at Water Street, but it is run independently of school. Booking and enquiries regarding After School Care should be made directly to Helen Johnson - contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Out & About run two clubs after school:

Club 1 runs straight from school until 6.30 pm. 

Our members of staff collect children from their classes and bring them together in the mobile classroom in the school playground.

Once the children arrive, we take a register and then have tea straight away. The staff will then offer a range of child led and adult initiated activities both inside and out. At 5.45 pm children will help to tidy the room and then will be offered ‘supper’ and quieter inside activities will be encouraged until they’re collected by you.

Club 2 runs straight from school and collection is at 4.30 pm at the main entrance into school. Our members of staff collect children from their classes and then settle them in the school library. The children will have a snack before activities are provided and children can play. Staff will bring children to the main entrance for

If your child is in Reception Class this year (2018-2019) then Helen will be your child's key worker. This means that she will be your main contact, will collect your child every day from Reception and try to be their familiar person who knows them the best, and can help them to settle in as quickly as possible. She is the most senior member of staff, with early years qualifications, and at work every day, every week. It is just as important to us that you as parents feel happy and settled as soon as possible and it is great if the children see us chatting and having a friendly relationship as soon as possible. Please ask if there is anything I can do, and I will try and make myself available at pick-up time wherever possible.

Every month we send out an invoice, this will come to your email address. Payment is expected at the beginning of the month, and all payment information will be on the invoice you receive. If your child is already in childcare you may be using childcare vouchers, I am happy to accept payment through this method. If you don’t yet use childcare vouchers please visit https://www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare for further information.

The invoice is also a double check that your child is booked in on the correct days for the next month. Please double check the booking every month.

A registration form must be completed for each new child before they can attend the after – school club.

Please contact Helen for further information.

Email: hjohnson57@googlemail.com

Mobile Phone: 07799414577